Owned by Lead Instructor, Samuel DeSimone, who comes from a Law Enforcement and competitive shooting background with over 9 years of experience instructing Police Officers and civilians in a variety of topics including but not limited to firearms, active shooter/killer response, close quarter battle tactics, and tactical medicine for Law Enforcement and medical personnel. Samuel is a certified Police Academy instructor through the Pennsylvania Municipal Police Officers' Education & Training Commission where he primarily teaches the basic firearms program.

Through Evolution Training Solutions, Samuel has provided training to numerous Local, State, and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies located throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and states along the east coast. Along with teaching, Samuel also regularly attends training from some of the most reputable instructors across the nation, and while doing so, has acquired an excess of 3400 documented training hours over the last 9 years.

Samuel is also a Nationally Registered Emergency Medical Technician with a training focus in tactical medicine and provides tactical medical support as a collateral duty during Law Enforcement tactical operations, mostly tasked with the apprehension of armed and violent criminal offenders. Samuel is also Tactical Responder Certified (TR-C #47) by the International Board of Specialty Certifications as a tactical medical provider.

Throughout his career as a Law Enforcement Officer he has held a variety of high risk assignment's, some of which included conducting investigations into narcotics, violent crimes, and organized criminal enterprises, where he currently serves on a task force working with State, Local, and Federal Agencies.  During his time assigned to a task force he conducted high risk operations such as, covert surveillance, warrant service, and vehicles assaults and interdiction's on targeted suspects on a daily basis.

Our staff is here to help fine tune your skills and training based on your specific duties or needs.  All of our instructors continually seek to improve their own shooting skills and instructor training abilities and regularly attend classes throughout the country to bring this mindset and knowledge back to our students.  Our instructors come with plenty of first hand experience learned throughout their careers in both law enforcement, military, and Emergency Medical Services, and thrive to share their knowledge with our students to ensure they receive the best training while attending our courses. Our primary goal is to save lives, while living by the motto "Always a Student First".



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